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Jean Saung


My name is Jean Saung​

I am a Product Designer with 8+ years of experience and 12+ total years of design experience including fashion and industrial design. Past industries include E-commerce, Lifestyle, IoT, Talent Acquisition, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Visualization. 


Currently a Senior Product Designer with the design agency One North, working with United Airlines on internal tools. Previously at Earnest, a financial tech company designing experiences for student loans.


Other former roles include founding designer at Kickoff, an early stage fitness coaching AI platform connecting coaches with remote clients. UX designer and researcher for a seed-stage AI startup, Crossing Minds where I worked on designing Hai, a platform for cultural discovery which leverages machine learning to generate highly personalized recommendations in the categories of music, books, movies, TV shows, video games and restaurants. 


I design for responsive web, iOS and android. I enjoy user research and usability testing, moderated & unmoderated, remote & in-person. 


In my free time, I write about UX design, research, and leadership. I also enjoy gardening, scuba diving and swing dancing; lindy hop and balboa. I see partner dancing as an expression of empathy, trust, spontaneity, and creativity, an expression of joy and of living.

WellfoundMedium | LinkedIn


~ 2018


I am also interested in designing products and services contributing to social impact.

Since representation of diverse candidates and improving their inclusion in tech was close to my heart, I was happy to collaborate on some early business models, user research, and product design for Hirekind.

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~ 2017

In my blog article On Career Transitions I talked about peer mentorship and teaching to learn.  This project was only possible with the participation of my fellow designers and thinkers.

I believe in making positive impacts, whether it is through a conversation with an acquaintance or leading the creation of a product that can truly change the world for the better. 

~ 2017


1 year after I completed the UX Design Circuit at General Assembly, I found myself freelancing. This was a branding exercise I did for my product design consultancy.


Soon after I cofounded Trellis, a design collective which employs the concept of pair-designing to foster growth for both designers and startups.  

~ 2014 - 2017


In 2014, with my background in fashion and industrial design, I started a freelance industrial soft-good design and prototyping consultancy, Studio Interim. 


My studio took on the roles between the idea and the final realization of the design, the interim.  I shipped multiple products with startups in the lifestyle, healthcare, and technology sectors.

When I was between projects, I worked on my leather handbag line, Dialogue Grey.

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