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Dialogue Grey


Side Project


Concept, Brand, Product Design, Prototyping


Ongoing Since October 2016


Dialogue Grey came from white space.


I felt it was missing; a lifestyle brand for women, the trailblazers, and the tomboys, who are feminine and powerful, who question and seek wisdom beyond their years, who understand when to be solid and structured, and when to be soft and flexible.  The women who stand side by side.


Whether in a meeting, hosting a workshop, attending a lecture, or heading out to happy hour or a concert, the products that represent Dialogue Grey help these women go through their lives with confidence.  

There are many designs for leather purses and backpacks out there, but few which walk the line between comfortable and classy, with humble charisma and simple confidence.


Deriving it’s form and function from the natural flexibility and structure in the material, these products are for women living in urban environments, who constantly shift between professional and casual settings in their everyday life. 


Comfortable, confident, and sophisticated, ready for the studio, home, workshop, or office, wherever women are making a difference.

Research Insights


Quantitative Data:

Measurements and Volume

Most women regularly want to carry a wallet, with a few cards, cash, and a smartphone. (which only seem to get bigger every year)


They may also want to carry a small sketchbook or notebook, kindle or other small items.

And since they may travel relatively frequently, a passport and boarding pass etc.

Qualitative Data:

Convenience, accessibility and peace of mind. Just big enough to be functional, not too big to be inconvenient.



For the Women:

These products are symbols for those women who are strong in their femininity, who know strength from carrying more than their share of the weight of responsibility in our society. These designs are for women, recognizing and celebrating their inherent beauty and power.

Feature List:

  • Organizational pockets that are easy to access.

  • Closures that bring closure, everything is secure, nothing is falling out.

  • A shoulder strap that is wide enough for comfort and doesn't appear bulky or excessive.

  • Lined on the inside for a refined appearance.

  • Leather for durability, will explore vegan options in subsequent versions, like MycoWorks, a company innovating in the area of vegan mycelium “leather”.  Also exploring other vegan leather options as well (cork leather, pineapple leather)

Feature Callout




Other Prototypes


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