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Dec 2017 - Current

Hirekind is an early stage startup dedicated to improving hiring for diversity in technology industries.  Initially hosting monthly mock interview events where diverse candidates are matched with mentors for behavioral and technical interview practice, Hirekind has since branched into providing talent sourcing services and hiring process consulting.  Often working with startups and companies who recognize the value in creating diverse teams and inclusive company cultures for employee retention, growth and innovation, and ultimately positive social impact.


Our hypothesis is that there are many skilled diverse candidate (women and professionals of color) who are eliminated too early in initial applications or preliminary interviews due to internalized biases on the part of those in charge of hiring or an unintentionally biased hiring process.  Many companies are aware of the lack of diversity, but do not know where to begin to shift the needle.


One concept Hirekind seeks to instill in employers is the concept that rather than hiring for "culture fit", if companies want to grow and reach their potential, they should hire for "culture enhancement".



Who is Hirekind for?

Employers/Hiring managers, and diverse talent in tech


What does Hirekind do?

Improve diversity hiring and retention in technology roles, starting with software engineering.


How does Hirekind achieve this?

Increase networks of talent, connecting with companies invested in improving their culture for diversity retention through sourcing, networking events, mock interview events, improvements for hiring process and diversity and inclusion culture.  For talent, creating a welcoming and supportive interview process and company culture. For Employers, creating a diverse talent pool, improving their hiring, promoting a diverse and inclusive culture. Overall addressing and overcoming existing bias for both employers towards diverse talent and talent towards companies.  The ultimate goal is to reach diversity representation in all roles and all levels.

Product Market Fit:

Many hiring platforms have existed for some time, Hirekind started with hosting events for mentorship and mock interviews.  We want to understand where Hirekind could fit into the current hiring and diversity & inclusion space.


Insights: Mentoring/Onboarding Competitors

  • High focus on partnerships with existing companies.  

  • Understanding culture fit and impact, turnover prevention.

  • Assessment and feedback, research and validation heavy.

  • Customization, payment for services are tailored to the company.

  • These companies do not emphasize diversity specifically, but focus on growth, scaling and retention.


Hirekind Hypothesis


For Candidates:


If Hirekind creates an inclusive interview process with companies working towards an unbiased culture, then diverse talent will be more likely to interview well and feel supported at the company.


If diverse talent are more likely to interview well and feel supported at their companies, then there will be more representation of diversity in high earning positions, thereby increasing opportunities and improving the quality of life of diverse communities over time.

For Employers:


If Hirekind help companies improve their D&I culture with an inclusive hiring process, and connects them with a diverse talent community, then employers will hire and retain more diversity in their tech teams.


If employers hire and retain more diversity in their tech teams, then companies will improve their ROI, increase their innovation potential and contribute to positive social impact overall.

SMART Problem Statement:

I believe customer segment will measurable outcome if action because customer need/problem



I believe that junior to mid-level technical candidates will reach 500 in our candidate pool in 1 month if we start advertising Hirekind with diversity groups and partners because candidates need a more targeted diversity hiring experience.

I believe that 50% of our technical candidates will be open to volunteering as mentors if we create the environment for segments of 1 hour of individual mentor and mentee interactions because mentors are looking for in depth opportunities to give back to the community which may not be available readily available to them otherwise.


I believe that 5 more startups will join Hirekind in one month if we create a rolling enrollment cohort apprenticeship concept because startups (Series A) are smaller and do not have as much manpower to distribute on-boarding a new hire on their own.


Marvel Prototype Link

User Feedback:

After a conversation with Austin, a diverse candidate representative, thoughts are that the questions take longer to complete than he would like. If we can identify questions which are “bonus” or extra, they could be presented in segments as follow up to continue engagement and refine their matches later on.


To narrow the focus for our current goal of on-boarding the users, what are questions that can make users feel that….

  • We value matching based on culture fit

  • We are minimal (respectful of their time)

  • Thorough enough to cover all the essentials to get the structure of their profile down, and to start getting matches/suggestions


Austin also brought up a good point about how we should phrase these questions as statements vs questions, which he noticed in OKC questions. My hypothesis is that questions make people feel like they need to perform, where statements make them more introspective?



I am interested in working in …




Where are you interested in working?

Other Key Take-Aways:

Approaching our product from the perspective of a single user group was difficult when our user group experience depends on each other.

We will continue evaluating our prototypes and product direction through validation and getting to the core of the assumption we are testing.

As a Recap: Why Hirekind?

Hirekind has a vision for a more inclusive and innovative future for the tech industry.  Matching diverse candidates with forward thinking employers by identifying true experience and culture fit, Hirekind is a platform that encourages transparency and clarity for candidates and employers alike.  

Each candidate has individuality and valuable perspectives to bring to their employer, just as each employer has something truly unique to bring to their employees’ experience. Hirekind helps both groups of users tell their story and celebrate what makes them unique.

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