Jean Saung

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A relationship and matchmaker app for plants and lifestyles. 


This app sets users up for success by making it intuitive to choose plants that match their lifestyle and environment as well as learning to care for those plants with customized recommendations. This app will empower users to grow their knowledge and confidence in plant care while creating their own healthy indoor green spaces.


Curiosity - empathy, vulnerability, compassion, communication

Authenticity - awareness, truth, clarity, integrity

Resilience - diversity, collaboration, adaptation, creativity

Empowerment - vision, potential, responsibility, trust


Web & Mobile Design for Accessibility and Open Source Information

Information Architecture for Internet Archive's Open Library.  An open source wiki platform for the catalog of the world's books.  Open Library is a nonprofit currently digitizing hundreds and thousands of out-of-print and pre-internet books; making sure that precious knowledge and resources will be accessible to all who have the internet.

In Progress - Coming Soon...

An app connecting neighbors with each other in order to share their surplus produce with those who will be happy to receive it. Facilitating exchanges, in the form of giveaways, trades, or sales, Plentiful App brings communities together while promoting the movement towards local commerce and eating fresh.


Bigger taste, smaller footprint.

An app inspired by the efficient, targeted approach to nutrition and health of the future.  Soylent.


Nutropti is a smart tool which makes the creation of nutritionally balanced DIY Soylent (now Completefoods) recipes more approachable by optimizing the substitution of ingredients, suggesting variations, and encouraging experimentation.  

It customizes and decrypts nutrition facts into digestible information to give users a better understanding of the real impact nutrients can make on their quality of life.

UX Design for Green Lifestyles

Dialogue Grey is an emerging lifestyle brand which inspires conversations and welcomes perspectives surrounding design, sustainability, social justice and overall positive impact.