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Hatched Labs


Product Manager, Myself


Wireframes, High Fidelity


2 Weeks

January 2019 - March 2019

Hatched Labs is a think tank designing and developing digital experiences for Giant Eagle, an American supermarket chain with stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland. I designed loyalty program account pages for iOS, Android, and Web Responsive. I worked with a product manager and feedback from the extended design team to create medium fidelity to high fidelity wireframes.


Giant Eagle was launching a new customer rewards program called "myPerks" which rebranded and simplified the rules for rewards redemption. The plan was to gradually transition customers from Fuelperks, the existing loyalty program, to myPerks, where both the old and new program will exist in parallel until Fuelperks is phased out.

The existing Hatched Labs Giant Eagle grocery app had an accounts page, but not a loyalty program page. There were also old designs for a mobile version of the myPerks program page which Giant Eagle designers created to match the aesthetic of the original grocery website. My goal was to create a new Loyalty program page while improving on the original design for the myPerks program and integrating with the aesthetics of the newer Hatched Labs Giant Eagle grocery app.


Two tiers of membership for myPerks, 3 states:
  • Customers who enroll in the myPerks program automatically enter the basic membership.

  • Customers who earn enough perks will enter the myPeks Pro program earning 50% more rewards than the basic membership.

  • There would be 3 states, the basic membership, the Pro, and a temporary "unlocking" Pro membership state.

Layouts that work for both Fuelperks and myPerks:
  • Fuelperks had more complex redemption rules than myPerks.

  • The layout also needed to integrate with a new visual redesign of the accounts page

  • There are also a few super users of the loyalty program, who may earn tens of thousands of perks before redeeming, the design would need to accommodate such super users.

Checkout Integration:
  • We also needed to integrate the ability for customers to opt in to redeeming perks during checkout.

  • Empty States for when there are no perks to redeem


The existing Hatched Labs Giant Eagle grocery app accounts page showed some loyalty program information.

Old designs for a mobile myPerks program page created by Giant Eagle designers created to match the aesthetic of the original grocery website.


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